Hybrid Cayenne any good for towing?
As the title says, currently have a V6 diesel that pulls like a train and tows great. Anyone here have any experience towing with the hybrid?
Yes I believe the Hybrid Cayenne is rate for 3500 kgs
Yep, They're great and pull like a dream.
(10-06-2020, 09:28 AM)V6gav, Wrote: As the title says, currently have a V6 diesel that pulls like a train and tows great. Anyone here have any experience towing with the hybrid?

Picked my brand new Cayenne e-hybrid up in June so had 4 months now and 3900 miles, I absolutely love it and to answer you question it is brilliant at towing. Like you I was sceptical as I moved from a 4.8 litre petrol Cayenne. What did it for me was last year I was invited by Bolton OPC as part of a group of people to drive 14 different Models on a full days test drive swapping between models as the day progressed. One of the cars I drove was the Cayenne S 3.0 petrol, thinking to myself this can't match my old 2007 4.8 Cayenne S! How wrong was I, it was amazing, quicker handled better and sounded nicer than the V8. That got me thinking about buying a new Cayenne but I wanted a heavy tow vehicle to keep our 2000kg caravan within 85% of the kerb weight of the car, the Cayenne S didn't quite have the weight. Looking at the e-hybrid I thought it had the weight but could it tow 2000Kg, dealer told me it had a max 3500Kg towing weight and this is confirmed under the configurator (although doesn't print it on spec). Also having taken delivery it does state 3500Kg in the owners manual. 

Having taken delivery I was eager to tow but wanted to put 1300 miles on her to ensure everything run in properly. Finally it was time for the first tow and I was curious how well could it tow in pure electric, answer is with all that torque it pulls away as if nothing on the back, wow I thought, then we got on motorway and I though how fast can I go before it will kick the petrol engine in? Accelerating gently I got up to 50mph before the petrol joined in. Don't get the wrong the 22 mile range would be significantly reduced towing on electric, the way to tow is hybrid mode where it saves the electric for pulling away and using petrol for chomping the miles. OK so far so good it's going great but what about when the battery is empty and no electric available, well you don't actually notice any difference as the engine will just run but charge the battery so it always seems to have something in reserve for those steep hill, accelerating from lights etc. Absolutely fantastic tow car and I wouldn't hesitate choosing again. Now you mention you have a Diesel, most people choose diesel for the mpg. With out older 4.8 S petrol we used to get 16mpg towing, this has improved to 19 to 20mpg, still probably short of what you get with your diesel but then when solo and commuting or short journeys the economy is amazing, cost me 60p per day to commute a round trip of 20 miles on electric. Overall I am currently averaging around 40mpg over 3900 miles, that is a mix of commuting, some 200 mile round trips and regular 50 mile trips on country lanes where let's just say I forget the mpg and enjoy myself. Couple more thoughts to leave you with, the Cayenne S does 0-62 in 5.1 seconds, thats less than a second slower than a 992 Carerra and the only other Cayenne faster than the e-hybrid is the Turbo, it is plenty capable of towing heavy trailers. They are absolutely fabulous, go test one and make your own mind up, I'm sure you wont be disappointed.

Wow thanks for the detailed reply John! That's helpful and quite surprising! Particularly that even running on elect-only it still pulled such a large caravan with ease!

The hybrids I am considering are the older shape to yours, my only hesitation now I know they're good for towing is the battery life (considering the car will probably be 5+ years old) and the potential replacement cost!

Thanks again for the information, I will hopefully update soon with a pic of my own caravan being towed by a hybrid Smile

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