Considering a Hybrid Cayenne
A friend is offering a 2014 Cayenne S hybrid with 77K miles on it. Anybody here with experience of a hybrid Cayenne? Reviews online generally suggest that although it's a very quick car some of the sports feel is lost on the hybrid, but I can live with that.

My main concern is the cost and/or life of the battery on a 6 year old car. Anyone had to change one of these things? How eye watering was the cost?
6 years old is a bit much for the battery life. Maybe check how much it would cost to replace and see if thats an amount you'd be willing to pay in the nearer future and if it still sounds like a good deal.
This might help you decide:

Think twice b4 you buy a Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

"Porsche Cayenne Hybrid over £7000 to repair as the hybrid battery has no longevity 93000 miles only 6 years old.

Do not purchase totally unacceptable and Porsche take no responsibility

Yep agreed, 70k is quite a lot for the hybrid, batteries have a short lifespan
So the one I purchased is a 2012 Hybrid. It's done over 100k miles. I get about 1.5 miles on electric - all seems to be OK. No record of any work being done (and it has a expensive history - all Porsche) on the electric powertrain.

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